30 September 2008

Rendille Kids Lives

Rendille children typicaly own one string of beads and nothing else. At least until they get to about two years old (girls), or six or seven for boys (then they get a cloth- still no shoes till later). They are naughty like all kids but confident and happy. 

Work starts early with kids hearding the lambs from an early age. Girls have two main tasks; they collect firewood and they fetch water. Typically getting the families supply of these will take up their whole day and will involve walking more than 20 kilometers! School girls still have these responsibilites (The girl in the portrait above was shot at the wells where she was fetching water for her mom), and this makes it very hard for the girls to do well in school. 

So my thought as I look at the Rendille children is this; what will the future hold? Can the nomadic life of their parents survive the encroaching westernization? What hope do they have?

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adelja said...

Hi Grant,

I'm wondering if you still remember me. I was In your house December 2006 and 2007. I'm a german Girl and I was working with Diguna. The first time I visited you was with Doctor Eva- we had a Camp with young Ladies from Korr. And last year I was togEther with your group from South africa and David Rempel when we had the AIC Camp in Korr. I just found your blog yesterday. I was so happy about that 'cause Marsabit is still in my heart and I will never forget the blessed time I had in Korr. Please great Pastor David Galribo.

May the Lord bless u and ur Family for the work that you are doing

Adelja (also known as Adeheya)